Part Application - Android

Your ID

 On screenshot is YOURID = 186094, you will need for PLC String 'GET /s7plcalarm.php?ID=186094&ALARM=11 HTTP/1.0$R$L$R$L'.

Alarm list - settings

Go to Menu - Settings

Alarm List

New Alarm - ID Alarm = Alarm Number

Open on any internet browser and change ID. 11 is number of alarm.You will receive Alarm.

This ID Alarm is use in PLC String 'GET /s7plcalarm.php?ID=186094&ALARM=11 HTTP/1.0$R$L$R$L'.


Part S7

Here is a simple program on TIA 11
Program on PLC use TSEND_C - standard S7 communication. It is used for sending data via TCP. Receive partner can be unspecified, but with static IP address.  In our case, with IP address of our server and TSEND_C sends data similarly
'GET /s7plcalarm.php?ID=186094&ALARM=11 HTTP/1.0$R$L$R$L'.  
GET is a standard command to open webpage /s7plcalarm.php on server. This command have to have on end ‘HTTP/1.0$R$L$R$L’. ID is users ID - you find out in program. Alarm is number of alarm - you can choose.
IP address is
PLC sends only this data string when alarm is activated, this means that PLC has to create this string and send it out.
Example of PLC network setting

Create DB


Create FC

N1, N2
If alarm is active (positive puls) set bit for communication and in prepare string
Status of TSEND_C is "connected", then we can send data string

N5, N6
N5 - Status of sendding
N6- Disconnect

Call FC on OB1
PLC program is done